If we all decided to Help Those in Need

When I’m not writing for my internships, working on side projects, novels or looking forward to my dream job as a journalist and grad school, I’m working in a group home for young boys. During my tenure in this position, I’ve come to realize that no matter what a person has been through, regardless of the bad behaviors they might exhibit, there is good in their hearts, especially that of a child whose innocence is only now being corrupted by the world. I recently saw the goodness of one young man I work with as he helped a person in need. It was a warm Southern California evening not long ago. I had two boys I care for at the facility off grounds for baseball practice. For the good behavior

The Hunger and Poverty Crises of Imperial County, California

In a country as wealthy as the United States, it’s difficult to think that so many families go hungry. A 2016 study by the Economic Resource Center, a division of the USDA found that 7.4% (9.4 million) of U.S households faced low food security. That doesn’t seem like much in a country with a population just over 326 million, but it’s still a large amount overall, nationwide. Of all of the ethnicities that make up the United States, the Hispanic population suffers the most. According to Feeding America, “the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization” 1 in 5 (20%) of Latinos are food insecure compared to just 1 in 10 (9.5%) of white, non-Latino Americans. Even more staggering, 1 in

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