A Growing Homeless Epidemic in a Land of Wealth

Palm Springs, California has long been known as a winter playground for the wealthy, a place where celebrities vacation. It is a town located in Southern California where former presidents have retired to spend the rest of their days playing golf. It is the only place in the country where the entire city council is made up entirely of gay or transgender men and women. The shops located downtown carry the most expensive and fashionable of brands, not to mention bars and restaurants galore. However; there is a dark side to the glamour and diversity of the city, a growing problem that is ignored in Palm Springs and surrounding areas and that is the number of those who are homeless is rapidly gr

Veterans and Homelessness

The popular series Criminal Minds ran a story line arch that consisted of David Rossi (a successful author and agent) finding his old beloved Marine friend Harrison Scott. It was a shocking discovery when Rossi realized that the man who served as a sergeant and hero to him had been sleeping between two dumpsters for the last couple of years. The episode followed its regular trend of bringing a crazed serial killer to justice all while revealing the importance of caring for your fellow man; because who knows, that man could possibly be a Marine hero. Criminal Minds is a television show built to excite us and send us on a thrill ride of mayhem, murders and uncertainty, but moments inserted suc

A Broken Dream

“I have a dream…” Became the mantra for not only African Americans, but for every person who desires a better life. As the days move forward I realize that no one plans to be homeless. No one plans to get on drugs or to get arrested. Everyone dreams of a good future, one filled with hope and happiness, never one of despair. So how do people end up on the street? How do people live in tents on sidewalks without hope? Sometimes it's just rotten circumstances but for the homeless African Americans it is many circumstances that probably has led to the run in with the streets-- this problem unfortunately is Racism and it is much deeper and much more serious than a financial crisis. Forty percent

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