Coping with Clinical Depression: A Naturopathic Approach

You're feeling depressed. We hear it on the internet, in songs and books and from friends. At first it was just a joke, just an excuse to explain why "you look so tired", or to get out of participating in social events and seeing people. Then it began to reach into days, weeks, months, and eventually it becomes this never-ending cycle of exhaustion, disappointment and sickness. If you find it difficult to get out of bed, eating too much or eating too less, unable to work, study or socialize, and the beauty of things you used to enjoy have lost their flavor, that's when you know it's the genuine, nightmarish reality of clinical depression. Seeing a psychiatrist may be a step in the right dire

Christmas and Homelessness

Twas the night before Christmas, we will all be in our houses coddled up in our beds with sugar plums dancing in our heads, for most of us, this is tradition, a norm. The family comes over, the gifts are wrapped, the Christmas specials are watched; it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. We probably don’t give much thought to the people who don’t have these things. Yes, there are people who outside of our whimsical bubble have to worry about insecurity and stress during the most glorious season. Baxley from the Huffington post says that life will go on for the homeless much like it always has. Naturally, we assume that all are taken care of because we want to have a positive outlook

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