How Age Attributes to Homelessness

Age is one of the many topics most people fail to talk about. Children lie about it in order to gain respect, adults neglect to talk about for fear of being thought of as old, and most, if not all. People think that age contributes to the idea of intelligence. As such, one might come to the misconstrued notion that children know less, and therefore do more immature things, based solely on their age. This idea is not only harmful to children of young ages but detrimental to those living in the homeless communities. While the connection between these two ideas or topics seems quite minuscule, it’s the implicit connection we must address. It is often that people assess someone's living situatio

Is it a Gender Thing?

Homelessness is a gender problem… some might say. When arriving at a street corner a driver will most likely see a scraggly man holding up a cardboard sign. Every once in awhile there will be seen a woman on the corner wearing a sign that says she is a mother and is in need of money for her children. Homeless men have come out saying that women receive special privileges. This fact isn’t just criticism researchers have found it to be true. Women are more likely to get into a shelter and get hired for jobs. One individual explained that women are treated like human beings and men are just herded around like cattle. The helpless innocent victim is the picture society has painted for the female

Returning to a War

Serving our country is one of the most noble careers one can pursue. Whether it's been through active duty, local policing, or government agencies, those who choose to protect the lives of others in the name of our country are some of the most brave people in our world today. That’s why it’s so surprising that these people, those who chose to protect us, often receive zero protection once they return. Surprisingly, over 1.5 million veterans are currently without a home in our country and while that number is decreasing, it leaves us to wonder why we don’t serve them as they have served us. There are many factors that can attribute to the reality that it is harder and often times more expensi


Almost 600,000 people in the United States of America don’t have the opportunity to have one, let alone three, meals a day. 600,000 people remain hungry as most of America turns a blind eye. However, soup kitchens, food pantries etc. work with volunteers and donations to make a difference. Carroll County’s Soup Kitchen in Georgia hosts a monthly event they call Soup Kitchen Week. During the last week of every month, the many volunteers gather to put together more than a thousand packed lunches to go along with a hot meal. Each Soup Kitchen Week, the hungry show up to enjoy a hot meal with an option to grab a sandwich meal to-go for later. For every role played, a set of hands from a voluntee

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